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At Rule72 Equity, we help high-earning Sales professionals invest in alternative assets outside of their 401K, with the primary investment vehicle being Multifamily real estate. Our mission is to generate passive income for our investors, and help shelter their money from volatile instruments like stocks, ETF's, or mutual funds. We achieve this by strategically partnering with professional Operators of real assets that produce income. Our operating partners have a proven track record and demonstrate market expertise.

Above all else, we value the relationships with our investors. Providing transparency through ongoing communication is what we are committed to, along with preserving & growing their principal. We're constantly vetting investment opportunities with Operators who have a high degree of integrity and conservatively underwrite their offerings.

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About luke

Luke Grieshop has spent the last 8 years as a Sales professional, with the most recent 6 focused on leading Sales teams in the Multifamily space. Throughout his career, it became apparent that a major challenge facing professionals was how to go about strategically investing their income. This was especially true in world of Sales, where volatile commissions exist, and starting back at 0 every month makes for a continual grind. He knew there had to be a way to create passive & predictable income through investing. Unfortunately, the only direction he was given was to max out a 401(k), which provides no cash-in-pocket today and is inaccessible for decades - as is the case for most traditional investment vehicles.


After starting his role with a proptech company in the Multifamily industry, he discovered the power of owning Real Estate and how it's a favorable investment alternative to traditional assets like stocks & bonds. After buying his first rental homes, it led to going down the rabbit hole of many other alternative opportunities. More importantly, it led to him connecting with the professional operators in these alternative asset classes.

Some of Luke's real estate & alternative investing experiences includes:


  • Being a General Partner (GP) in two large-scale multifamily syndications based in Dallas & Houston, TX (800+ units)

  • Limited Partnership (LP) in four large-scale multifamily syndications in Phoenix, Dallas, and Houston.

  • Limited Partnership in an ATM (automated teller machine) fund with a top 5 national operator.

  • JV Partner on 15 acres of land in Colorado

  • Owns 4 Single-Family rental homes in Columbus, OH, where he and his partner successfully renovated, rented, and refinanced their capital for re-investment

  • Holding an active Real Estate License in the State of Arizona

  • Being a member of the Real Estate Guys' Syndication Mentoring Club, which includes 100+ experienced advisors, operators, and fellow syndicators

About beau

Beau Fugitt is a securities and real estate attorney at Premier Law Group, LP where he specializes in real estate syndications and other private placement offerings.


He is an active real estate syndicator and investor with over 13 years of investing experience in single family homes, multi-family properties, and mobile home parks. Beau has a passion and expertise in structuring complex transactions and finding creative solutions to his clients’ capital raising needs, all while ensuring legal protection and compliance throughout. Beau is a former litigator, Marine veteran, husband, and father of two.

How to Invest with us

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Depending on the deal and business plan being executed, you can begin collecting passive income in as little as 3 months

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