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  • Why should I partner with Rule72 Equity?
    Much of Luke's time is spent networking and building relationships with great operators so that you don't have to. He has experience investing in every asset class (and in every partner) that he presents to his investors. On top of that, he has implemented a 30 check-point, due diligence system that he conducts on every deal. This due diligence checklist covers everything from background checks on the sponsors to hard data on the market being invested in. Luke also hires third party underwriting teams to vet the deals with an unbiased point of view when it comes to the numbers & financials of each opportunity. All Rule72 due diligence is shared in a clean format with investors. It's possible that by going through Rule72 Equity, you will be able to invest a lower minimum than you otherwise would with the sponsor directly.
  • What's your track record?
    Luke started personally investing in real estate in 2018. Initially, he bought, renovated, and rented single family homes. After that came passively investing in multifamily apartments. To date, Luke has participated in 4 large scale multifamily investments as a Limited Partner, and in that time, has also secured his Arizona Real Estate license. Using some of this experience, he has gone on to become a General Partner on 2 multifamily syndications: a 128 unit property in Dallas, TX, and a portfolio of 3 multifamily properties, totaling 600+ units, in Houston, TX. Both of these deals are still "active" and are projected to go full cycle in 2028. Luke also has Limited Partnership interest in an ATM Machine fund, which is operated by a top 5 national operator. Though past performance does not guarantee future results, to date, no money has been lost in any of these investments.
  • What is your minimum investment required?
    Offerings will usually require a minimum of $50,000. This may be lower or higher based on the type of asset being invested in.
  • How often do opportunities become available?
    Rule72 Equity aims to provide 5-10 investment opportunities per year to their investors. This can depend upon many things, including the asset class, risk assessed in the marketplace, the operators we partner with, etc. Simply join the R72 Investor Club, and you will be notified of our opportunities as they become available.
  • Do I have to be Accredited in order to invest?
    Most offerings will not require you to be accredited. If you are unfamiliar with the criteria, here is a short article that outlines how to qualify. With that said, it's especially important we establish a relationship if you are not accredited. Please schedule time with me so we can begin this process!
  • Can l use a retirement account to invest?
    Absolutely. In order to use a retirement account to invest in a passive opportunity, the account must be setup as a Self Directed IRA (SDIRA). If the investment has cashflow distributions being paid, they will go directly into the SDIRA account. If you have an SDIRA already in place, simply get in touch with your custodian and express interest in investing funds. If you have an IRA and need to transition it to a SDIRA, there are trusted custodians I can put you in contact with [Rule72 Equity is not compensated in anyway for these referrals]. Schedule time with me, and we can discuss this process in more detail.
  • How long is my investment tied up?
    To mitigate risk, Rule72 targets investment periods of 5 to 10 years. You should expect this investment to be illiquid (inaccessible) for the entire life cycle of the deal. Timelines are contingent upon the asset and business plan being implemented, and can be shorter or longer than the original projection.
  • What are the risks?
    This question will vary based on the asset, operator, and business plan being invested in. The risk profile of a Class B, multifamily value add opportunity is going to look far different than an ATM investment, for example. One thing is certain, and that is: as a Limited Partner, your risk is limited to the capital you contribute. If, for some reason, legal action were to take place against the sponsorship team, your downside is limited to your invested amount.
  • How often do I get updates and distribution payments?
    In most investments, monthly communication is the norm. This communication may come directly from the operating team, or it may come from Rule72. Similarly, monthly distributions are common as well. If distributions and communication are not happening monthly, they will at the very least be quarterly. Communication will highlight any key findings and noteworthy updates, in areas such as: general operations, renovations (if applicable), financials, and distributions.

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